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LB Title_NoDog
June 29 - July 14


Directed by 
Lauren Nicole Sherwood

Choreographed by
Matthew Farina

Musical Direction
Zach Kampler 

This year, the season kicks off with “Legally Blonde
”, based on the popular 2001
film of the same title. Dubbed
“a high-energy hymn to the glories of girlishness” by
New York Times,this big, heroine-worshiping musical follows Elle Woods, a
sorority girl who enrolls at Harvard Law School to win back her ex-boyfriend,
Warner. Throughout the show, no one has faith in Elle Woods, but she manages to
surprise them when she defies expectations while staying true to herself.

Featuring an infectious pop score by Laurence O’Keefe
(“Heathers,” “Batboy: The Musical”) and Nell Benjamin,
and an effervescent book by Heather Hach.

This crowd-pleasingshow opens June 29,
and runs Thursday through Sunday evenings through July 14.


Cast List

Elle Woods                      Melody Atkinson
Emmett                            Stephen Emerick
Warner                             Chris Balestriere
Callahan                                  Bill Warncke
Brooke                                     Janina Rosa
Vivienne                                   Voni Allegra   
Enid                                    Maiya Urquhart
Paulette                    Aaron-Noel Treppeda
Kyle                      Matt Farina / Matt Blank 
Margot                                     Sarah Baker
Serena                               Margaret Buzak 
Pilar                                           Kate Patton 
Kate                            Jean Marie McGrath 
Gaelen                                    Caitlin Burke 
Leilani                                Sarah Brundage 
Grand Master Chad/Nikos   Will Armstrong 
Elle's Dad/Pforzheimer            Rob Mayette 
Winthrop/Dewey                        Robert Bria 
Lowell/Ensemble                        Will Dooley      
Aaron                                     Kevin McNulty 
Padamadan                           Ethan Beaulac
Whitney/Ensemble          Renee Cunnigham 
Elle's Mom/DA Joyce Riley        Alysia Ross  
Carlos                                          Joe Riedel
Judge/Delta Nu                  Sarah Brundage
Court Stenographer                 Dolly Conner 
Chutney/Delta Nu                Monica Castillo 

Delta Nus/Ensemble
Haley Huxley
Maddy Oldham
Daisy Stott

Female Ensemble  
Madeline de la Parra
Emily Malavenda
Abby Giansiracusa   
Emma Lubbers    
Jenna Vieux

Male Ensemble
Daniel Pettibone
Andrew Kocur
Vincent Fontenelli
Robert Fontenelli

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