Musicals at Richter

There's No Business Like Show Business
and  You Can't Stop the Beat
for a Happily Ever After!

Once Upon a Mattress

2015 Season
June 12th - June 27th

Directed and Choreographed by MAR Founding Artistic Director Bradford Blake

“We Have An Opening for a Princess!”  Do you think you could pass Queen Aggravain’s tests and marry the loveable, mama’s boy, Prince Dauntless the Drab?  “Many Moons Ago” the minstrel witnessed the TRUE story of the Princess and the Pea and this summer he will bring the timeless fairytale to the Richter Stage, with all it’s hidden secrets! Join the Knights and Ladies-in-Waiting as they hope for the right Princess to come along.  She may be “Shy,” and far from “The Swamps of Home” but everyone is sure to live “Happily Ever After!”

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2015 Season
July 3rd – July 18th

Directed and Choreographed by MAR Veteran Matthew Farina

Are you one of the “Nicest Kids in Town” or just “Big, Blonde and Beautiful? Either way you’ve got a place in Baltimore in 1962! Follow Tracy as she sets out to show everyone that it’s time to embrace change and “Without Love” things are just not as good! This family-friendly musical is piled, bouffant high, with laughter, romance, and deliriously tuneful songs.  “You Can’t Stop the Beat,” as you watch the Hairspray gang sing and dance their way to the Richter Stage!

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Annie Get Your Gun

2015 Season
July 24th – August 8th

Directed and Choreographed by MAR Artistic Director Lauren Nicole Sherwood

“There’s no Business Like Show Business,” especially if you are part of the travelling Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show. Watch what happens when the show comes in to Cincinnati, Ohio and Frank Butler and Annie Oakley go head to head to figure out who is the best shot! Annie knows that “You Can’t Get a Man With a Gun,”  but  she’s just “Doin' What Comes Natur'lly.”  When Annie tests out show business the competition is high and the excitement is even greater, she knows that “Anything You Can Do, She Can Do Better.” Join us as this Wild West show comes through Musicals at Richter,  “They Say it’s Wonderful!”

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News and Announcements 

Preparations for the 2015 Season!

Is Now...

Is Now!

2015 Cast Lists

Princess Winnifred: Jessica Smith
Prince Dauntless: Billy Dempster
Queen Aggravain: Priscilla Squiers
King Sextimus: Ted Schwartz
Lady Larken: Jessica Schwartz
Sir Harry: Jacob Eventoff
Jester: Todd Santa Maria
Minstrel: Robert Bria
Wizard: Matt Austin

Ladies in Waiting
Daisy Stott
Laura Gelb
Lexi Tobin
Emma Giorgio
Sarah Keough

Richard Frey
Thom Keough
Noah Matson
Andrew Kocur
Alexis M. Vournazos


Tracy Turnblad: Katie Cummings
Edna Turnblad: Mike Armstrong
Wilbur Turnblad: Ted Schwartz
Penny Pingleton: Brooke Morris
Corny Collins: Robert Bria
Link Larkin: Connor Spain
Amber Von Tussle: Jessica Schwartz
Velma Von Tussle: Stacy Bassinger-Goodman
Motormouth Maybelle: Greih Wilson-McClain
Little Inez: Akira Golz
Prudy Pingleton/Gym Teacher/Matron: Priscilla Squires
Mr. Spritzer/Mr.Pinky/Principal: Ryan Taylor

Motormouth Kids
Duane: Shelby Davis
Gilbert: John Duron
Lorraine: Monet Fleming
Thad: Timothy Chastain
Janina Gonzalez
Josephine Gottfried
Madison Notaro

The Dynamites
Janina Gonzalez
Josephine Gottfried
Madison Notaro

Council Members
Tammy: Caitlin Burke
Fender: Matthew Olencki
Brenda: Emma Giorgio
Sketch: Noah Matson
Shelley: Carolyn Savoia
Lou Ann: Tess Riley

Annie Oakley: Lyn Nagle
Frank Butler: Robert Bria
Tommy Keeler: Karl Hinger
Dolly Tate: Beth Saultz
Winnie Tate: Rachel Salvador
Buffalo Bill Cody: Mike Armstrong
Charlie Davenport: Steven Taliaferro
Chief Sitting Bull: Steve Stott
Pawnee Bill: John Armstrong
Little Jake: Jack Canevari
Jessie: Katharine Yeargin
Nellie: Jane Shearin
Mac: Thom Keough
Foster Wilson: Richard Frey

Adult Ensemble
Owen Benfield
Denise Milmerstadt
Beth Bria
Kate Valiska
Dolly Conner
Barbara Kessler
Emily Malavenda
Julia Field
Alysia Ross
Tori Kuffler
Deanna Lee Torrisi
Jessica Cerasoli
Carolyn McCarthy
Kevin McCarthy
Morgana Kate Watson
Amy Lybe
Sarah Keough

Youth Ensemble
Maryrose Canevari
Hannah Margiloff
Jeannie Milmerstadt
Michaela Milmerstadt
Kimberly Armstrong
Emma Halas
Jacquelynn Matchen
Liberty Nocito
Xavier Nocito
Olivia Cotter
Michael Elston
Caroline Stanton
Eden Schwanke
Mikayla Haran
Emma Lubbers
Thea Trotta
Cassidy Holmes
Brian Salvador
Maggie Moriarty


2015 Summer Youth
Musical Theater Workshops!

Session #1 - Broadway Bound

Session #2 - Peter Pan JR.

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Fairy Tale Theater





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Come join the 2015 team! 

 Stage Managers - Designers 

Workshop Counselors
and more!

Musicals at Richter is now accepting applications and
looking for volunteers for the 2015 season!

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About Musicals at Richter

Founded in 1985, Musicals at Richter is Connecticut’s longest-running outdoor theater. Performances are given on weekends at the Richter Arts Center (next to the Richter Park Golf Course), 100 Aunt Hack Road, in Danbury. Nestled in the hills of Western Connecticut, the Arts Center stage has served as the scenic backdrop for over 80 musicals produced by Musicals at Richter, as well as a professional springboard for hundreds of up-and-coming performers.

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